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It is the lens of a camera that lets the light in. It is considered a key part of the camera because of this very reason.

In its pursuit of truly authentic photographic textures and environment, Panasonic has long sought after the ideal lens. As a result, Panasonic created the world's first optical image stabilization lens for a tiny digital camera and created a method for mass - produced aspherical lenses, which provide superb images and a small size. It's also why Panasonic is well-known for both the quality of its lenses and the creative technologies it employs in their creation and testing.

Why Do Camera Enthusiasts Opt For Panasonic Lenses?

Nanotechnology for Surface Coatings

On premium lenses, Panasonic uses a coating called Nano Surface. Panasonic has successfully reduced the quantity of light reflection over the whole visible light spectrum by developing a thin layer with an ultra-fine nano-level structure as well as a super-low refractive index on the surface of the lens (from 380 to 780 nm).

This produces pure and crisp images while drastically reducing ghosts and flare. The coating also prevents deterioration and keeps its quality excellent for a very long time. The camera and lens industry has high praise for this cutting-edge coating process.

Stunning Sharpness

Panasonic has a thorough lens assembly process and micron-accurate centering technology. To further increase resolution, the optical axis' error in fixation precision is suppressed to 3 m by adopting six-axis adjustment rather than the more common two-axis adjustment. This guarantees strikingly sharp photos.

High and telephoto zoom in a compact package!

In the past, telephoto lenses were bulky, heavy, and cumbersome to transport. However, compact cameras like the FZ-series, TZ (ZS)-series, and the LUMIX G Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) models featuring digital interchangeable lenses have significantly less size and weight thanks to Panasonic's efforts.

Beautiful Images Without Blur

The O.I.S corrects a jolt in the light axis in addition to the digital picture correction by moving the lens unit to offset it. As a result, neither the digital nor the physical quality of the image is altered.

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