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One of the key aspects that will determine how much you like taking pictures is the digital camera battery life. Digital cameras are powered by batteries, just as other portable consumer electronics. All batteries have one significant flaw: they only have a finite lifespan.

Camera Batteries Come in Different Types

Not all features of digital cameras have the same power requirements. Some of the best features of digital cameras are heavy energy users. Knowing which functions use up the most energy will enable you to avoid or reduce their use, saving energy and extending the lifespan of your batteries.

Nickel Cadium

It is one of the earliest technologies. These batteries can be used frequently without losing capacity. Also, they are inexpensive, and recharge quickly.

Nickel Metal Hybrid

This is a step forward in nickel cadium technology. These batteries have up to 50% more capacity. The "memory effect," while still present, is not as potent as it was with the nickel cadium batteries.

Lithium Ion

Lithium ion technology is more recent and solves numerous problems with nickel technology. Even nickel metal falls short of lithium ion batteries in terms of capacity. They don't even have a "memory impact," so you may always recharge them to their maximum potential regardless of their present state.

Lithium Polymer

Overall, these batteries are better than lithium ion batteries. They have an even greater capacity and may be easily made in any form or size. As a result, high capacity batteries can be made lighter, smaller, and more easily molded to fit particular camera designs.

What Can You Do To Prolong the Life of Your Batteries?

Instead of the LCD and use your viewfinder

If your camera has an optical viewfinder, use it to compose your shots rather than using the LCD. make use of  the LCD only when absolutely necessary, such as when taking an overhead photograph where it is impossible to use the optical viewfinder.

Carry an extra battery

Two batteries contain twice the energy of one; that's just basic math. Carry an extra battery if you anticipate a lengthy shooting session or if you are unsure of the number of shots you will take or the length of time you will be away from the charger.

Do not inadvertently click the shutter button halfway down

Half-pressing the shutter button initiates a series of actions that prepare the camera to take a picture. It adjusts the lenses' focus, turns on electronic components, and, if necessary, prepares the flash. When you don't want to take a picture, don't press the shutter halfway.

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